JFH#001 Transgender Sports, Tolkien & Lewis, Christian Testimony

The first episode of the now weekly James Fox Higgins show!

We talk about transgender sports politics, including case studies Hanah Mouncey (AFL women's league) and Mack Beggs (wrestler in the USA). We talk about Tolkien, CS Lewis, their friendship and the Christian themes of their writing. We talk about Europa Report, a great science fiction thriller well worth watching. We talk about procrastination and how to beat it with Antony Sammeroff from the "Be Yourself and Love It" podcast and the "Scottish Liberty Podcast". We talk about my conversion to Christianity, and how to being a life of prayer. Welcome to the show and enjoy!

2:20 Intro

7:56 Loopy Lefties - Transgender Sports, No Campus for White Men

28:47 Book of the Week - The Magicians Nephew, The Hobbit

43:44 Philo-Sci-Fi - Europa Report

53:00 Music Segment Into

58:05 Music Segment - A Change Is Gonna Come

1:02:54 Interview with Antony Sammeroff - Procrastination & How to Beat it

1:25:56 Jesus Talk - My Testimony

1:51:40 Question Time - How do I start praying?

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